Aerial Yoga
Aerial yoga offers students an exciting and freeing workout in aerial fitness. Gain
strength and flexibility while flowing through a combination of traditional yoga poses
and aerial yoga tricks in the hammock. Experience the benefits of yoga including
reduced stress, improved strength and increased body awareness. Aerial yoga at
Flying Lion Fitness is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Come try aerial yoga classes in Bozeman.

Aerial Yoga 2
Lengthening, strengthening and toning the entire body with special attention to our power
house-the core! This fusion class will have you moving, breathing and sweating through a
nice flow! Core strength is the ultimate necessity to get you into some of the more advanced
yoga poses, but more importantly, core strength enhances balance and stability, preventing
falls and injuries in athletics and as we age.  It also dictates how well the arms and legs move,
all the while promoting a nice, long, straight spine.

Restorative Aerial Yoga
Restorative aerial yoga classes are designed to help release stress and tension in the
body and mind. This class focuses on therapeutic movement in the silk hammock, giving the
body time release, much like yin yoga. Learn breath work, guided mediation and increase
body awareness. The hammock is lower to the ground with access to the floor for support,
yet the hammock allows students to experience the weightlessness of aerial yoga. Class
includes a slower flow through poses, allowing students time to open the body. Join us
for some of the most relaxing yoga Bozeman has to offer. 

Aerial yoga encourages traction and decompression of the spine by various inversion and suspension poses through a holistic traditional yoga framework. Restorative yoga aims to
achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation through the aid of an aerial hammock to encourage full range of lumbar spine movement through a variety of yoga poses and
sequences. Class is finished with a meditation of breath and visualization. This is an hour
put aside for you to relax and calm yourself.

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