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Aerial Yoga

Tuesday 7:15 pm & Thursday 5:45 pm

Aerial yoga offers students an exciting and freeing workout. Gain strength and flexibility while flowing through a combination of traditional yoga poses and aerial yoga tricks in the hammock. Experience the benefits of yoga including reduced stress, improved strength and increased body awareness. Aerial yoga at Flying Lion Fitness is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. Classes are taught by certified instructors.

Are you interested in aerial silks, trapeze and aerial hoop. Check out classes at  Mountain Aire Dance

Restorative Aerial Yoga

Coming Soon

Restorative aerial yoga is a class designed to help a student release stress and tension in the body and mind.  This class focuses on therapeutic movement in the hammock, giving the body time to let go, much like yin yoga. Learn breath work, guided mediations and increase body awareness. The hammock is lower to the ground  so that students can use the floor for balance work and still experience the weightlessness of aerial yoga.  Class includes a slower flower through poses, allowing students to spend time opening the body. Drop-in and join us.



Aerial Yoga

Partner Aerial Yoga

Bring your favorite person and join us for a fun aerial yoga partners class. We will do a flow class with tricks but also include some partner thai massage yoga for spinal relief in the hammock. Limit of 5 partner groups.

Friday February 14, 5:45 pm

$30 per pair