All collages should
stay out of direct
sunlight due to the
nature of fading by
the sun over the
artwork's lifetime.

Artwork does not
include shipping costs.

Image by Umberto Cofini

Alexis McCarthy's Art Portfolio

Alexis McCarthy is an American artist best known for her large scale two-dimensional
magazine collages on paper composed of hundreds of hand-cut squares of macro imagery;
along with her three-dimensional interactive sensory art installations. Alexis customizes
each frame with a unique choice of reclaimed wood, reused materials, hand-harvested botanicals, and natural material from Montana and beyond. When an art buyer purchases
a piece they are actually receiving two art creations--the collage and the custom framework.
Most of her work is derived from her interest in travel, nature, animals, music, dance, food,
wine, and vintage inspiration. Alexis has a background in metal-smithing, flameworking with
borosilicate glass, painting, interior design, inking and photography. She lives in Bozeman, Montana and has produced commissioned works in and outside the Gallatin valley.

Are you in business looking for a focal point on your wall? Alexis' work caters to bars,
dance studios, breweries, restaurants, corporate offices, dispensaries, retail stores,
law firms, spas, millwork companies and companies that host large events such as
festivals and music venues.

Comedy Podcast and Comedy Screenplays
Listen to Alexis' podcast, TBA, on Spotify.





Inking and Other Media