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Hire Flying Lion for Your Music Event or Festival

Electronica, techno, jam band, concerts, raves, music shows, festivals, Burning Man
and  Around the World: We will bring the eye candy and sensory play to your party!

The owner of Flying Lion, Alexis McCarthy, is an independent artisan for big
events and venues that are looking for an artist to enhance the atmosphere.

You have the live band and djs-now take that party to a whole new level and add
interactive installations that play on the sense of touch, sight, taste, smell and sound.

What is sensory play?
Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates a person's senses of touch, smell,
taste, sight and hearing, as well as anything which engages movement and balance.

Click here for Alexis McCarthy's
Interactive Sensory Art Installations Portfolio

Click here for Alexis McCarthy's Art Portfolio

Alexis creates some of the following interactive 'sensory installations':

living walls
mystery boxes
hanging sculptures
fabric installations
walk-through closets
hot and cold installations
aerial hammock and silks movement play
olfactory installations
sound and light instruments
UV black-light, neon, fire and chemical reactions displays
photo op walls and booths
edible installations-an amuse bouche
glass, balloons and other various media

navigational landmarks on lot

These are typically large scale custom installations for music shows and venues.
Projects like these are booked many months or more ahead of your event.

Please call or email Flying Lion if your
production team is looking for that WOW factor.



Book Flying Lion's Aerialists for Your Event

Flying Lion also has the ability to put on an aerial or dance
performance for your event, either in studio or at your space.

Two Flying Lion Aerialists 1hr
Flying Lion Aerial Group 2hrs
Burlesque+Aerial Group 2hrs

Call Flying Lion Aerial Fitness for pricing and rates.

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Pink Smoke
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