Covid-19 Updates

Sanitation Policies and Procedures for a Safe and Healthy Studio Practice During Covid-19 

Check-In Procedures

Due to limited class sizes and the county health directive, it is required that students pre-register for class.  

  1. Please wait outside of the studio, until just a few minutes before class time. Please limit items that you are bringing into studio.

  2. We ask students to please wash or use  our hand sanitizing stations  when attending class.

  3. Students will give verbal confirmation that they have not experienced flu or covid like symptoms 24 hours prior to class.

  4. Students will put away any items and  move out of waiting room area to designated pole or aerial yoga hammock.

  5. When class is over, please gather your belongings and exit. Please do not loiter and please maintain a six foot distance. Students are free to interact outside the studio provided it is at least 6 feet from the entrance of the studio.

  6. Students must fill out Covid-19 waiver prior to attending class. The General Liability Waiver for new students as well as the Covid-19 Waiver link will also be included in class confirmation emails for your convenience.

Class Procedures

  1. Please wear clean clothing, that had not been at multiple locations or in high contact areas.

  2. If possible please use the facilities previous to class at your home.

  3. All students and instructors must wear masks at this point in time.

  4. All students and instructors must maintain a six foot distance, there will not be spotting at this time.

  5. Each student will be assigned a pole, students will  clean the pole with rubbing alcohol spray before and after class. Each student with use a clean towel if needed and place towel in cleaning bin at the end of class.

  6. For aerial yoga, students will be assigned a hammock for class and use that hammock for the duration of class.

  7. Class sizes will be limited to 7 students for pole and 9 students for aerial yoga. Hip hop, contemporary and all dance classes will be limited to 12. You must sign up online.

  8. Please bring your own water, yoga mats, grip aids and pole cleaning towel. 

Studio Precautions

We ask student to please monitor yourself and  please do not come to class if you are feeling under the weather, including, but not limited to flu or covid-like symptoms. If you need to cancel your class registration just let us know and we will refund you. If you do cancel due to illness we ask that you please stay out of the studio for at least 14 days or until you have received a negative test result for Covid-19.

Studio Cleaning

We want to assure students that we are taking the situation seriously and care about your safety. The studio floors and all surfaces will be disinfected before and after classes. All poles and mats will be sprayed down with isopropyl alcohol before and after class. All hammocks will be laundered between classes.