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Beginning Dance

For Teens and Adults

Adult Beginning Hip Hop

Tuesday 6 pm

If you want to learn hip hop, this is the chance. Discover basic hip hop moves and learn a new choreography each week. This class is great for teens and adults who don't want to go to a formal dance studio, but want excellent instruction.

16+ class

Burlesque Dance Series

Saturday November 16

11:30 am

Workshop 1

Floor & Dance Basics

Do you Burlesque? Join us for the ultimate burlesque dance series. The first workshop teaches you how to dance, walk and transition on the off the floor with classic burlesque moves. Learn the bump and grind, the little Egypt and many more cabaret style moves.


Workshop 1: Floor & Dance Basics

November 16  at 11:30 am


Upcoming Workshops

Chair Dance

Fan Dance

The Art of the Peel

Working with Heels

Adult Beginning Tumbling

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do a cartwheel? Maybe you want to work on handstands or work toward a flip. Learn gymnastic tumbling basics and build your skills.

Dance  Class Pricing


5 PUNCH PASS $65(Expires in 3 months)

10 PUNCH PASS $120 ( Expires in 6 months)