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Pole Classes
We offer classes in pole dance fitness, aerial yoga, and dance in Bozeman, Montana.
Our classes are designed for every fitness levels-we cater to you. Join us and feel confident
by your workout. Our fitness classes are designed to be fun, inspiring, and progressive,
meaning we teach the basics and build up your strength and confidence.
Come for the workout! Make some new friends!

Our goal is to offer expert instruction in a safe environment. The classes we offer
in the Gallatin Valley are unique and of the same caliber of classes you would find
in cities. Start with beginner classes such as Intro to Pole.

Work your way up to our choreography classes and advanced classes.
Build confidence, self-esteem, tone your body, and love your workout.
Do you want to change your life with specialty dance? Join our pride!

These classes are for adults-only. If your child is interested in aerial, we would
love to see them in class for Kids Aerial Yoga or Kids Aerial GLOW Yoga!

For all pole classes: Skin on skin contact with the pole is almost an essential
component to learning pole. Dress to your comfort level, but tanks tops and

shorts will guarantee you more friction with the pole. Also, skip the body
lotion-friction is our friend. Knee pads for classes are also a great purchase!



Intro to Pole
Have you been wanting to try pole dancing fitness to find out what it's all about? Join us
for this beginner class that progresses through the basic foundational pole moves and
helps you build your pole knowledge. Class includes learning dance moves, floor work,
spins, lifts and climbs and each week builds on the previous class. This is the first class to
take if you have never done Pole. Continue Intro to Pole for about x classes, before
you advance into Pole 1.

Pole 1
Pole fitness sculpts the body, increases flexibility and improves cardio, plus the workout
engages the mind. If you are going to get strong you might as well have fun doing it. Advance
into more sophisticated moves, spins, lifts, climbs and floor work. Work on pole conditioning
to prepare you to have the strength and grip that you will need for more advanced moves
and spins. End the class with a choice song and freestyle to the music.

This intermediate class will challenge you. It is a prequel to Pole 2.
Once you've mastered this class, you are ready to try Pole 2.

Instructor approval required to attend Tricks+Inversions.

Pole 2
Pole 2 offers students the opportunity to try additional challenging aerial moves on
the pole. Students will work on increasing strength, flexibility and body awareness. Learn
how to transition from harder moves, start working on pole flows and increase endurance.

Instructor approval required to attend Pole 2.

Pole Choreography
This class will incorporate moves from Pole 1 that you have learned into a fun, sexy, slinky, choreo! Come learn about musicality, and embracing your own sensuality. You should leav
this class with at least 45 seconds of choreographed dance involving floor work, pole work,
and low flow. This class is great for Polers wanting to improve technique, feel more
comfortable on the pole and love their bodies.

Knee Pads are required.

Pole heels are encouraged but not required.

Prerequisite: At least one Pole 1 elementary class in the past.

Pole Conditioning+Strengthening

Pole dance conditioning is a pole dancer’s workout that helps them achieve the strength

they need to continue working towards their goal moves. The more advanced the pole trick
is, the more strength or flexibility it might need to look clean, graceful, and smooth. Especially
as you begin learning inverted moves, it becomes more and more important that you can
physically hold your body weight up reliably and efficiently. This workout will help your body
by building strength and make it more flexible through a series of often repetitive, dynamic movements. Make this class part of your weekly routine. Conditioning exercises for dancers
are meant to lightly but consistently push your limits, raising the threshold for your strength
and flexibility alike.

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