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Pole Dance Fitness

Pole Level 1

Monday & Wednesday 5:45 pm

Saturday 10 am coming soon!

Pole fitness sculpts the body, increases flexibility and improves cardio, plus the workout engages the mind. If you are going to get strong you might as well have fun doing it. Learn pole dance basics in level one including spins, lifts, climbs and floor work.  The best part is, you don't need to be fit to join class, the majority of our students come in without pole experience and often having not worked out in a long time.  Empower yourself and learn pole. Drop-in anytime!

Pole Level 2

Wednesday 6:45 pm

Pole two offers students the opportunity to try more challenging aerial moves on the pole. Students will work on increasing strength, flexibility and body awareness. Learn how to transition from harder moves, start working on pole flows and increase endurance.

Instructor approval required to attend pole two.

Choreography Level 1 & 2

Monday 6:45 pm

Learn to fuse your aerial pole moves with dance transitions. Each week in this multilevel class we will create routines and work on choreography.  Want to clean-up your pole moves and feel the dance part of pole. This class is great for beginners and seasoned poler wanting to improve musicality and technique.

Pole Dance All Levels

Saturday 10 am

Join us for a new pole class that focuses on transitions, dance flow and linking pole moves. In class you will learn new moves, but also have the opportunity to work on moves you know and enhance your musicality, movement and transitions.