Common Myths That Stop Students From Trying Beginning Adult Dance Classes in Bozeman

Maybe it's your first time attending an adult dance class or you've been out of the game for a while, coming to a new class can be a bit scary. However with the right studio and a little gumption one can enter the fun and fabulous world of adult dance.

Common myths:

I need to have taken dance when I was a child in order to take an adult dance class.

It's a common misconception that to take an adult dance class you need to have been a dancer when you were a child. This is not true, many people who take adult dance classes never took classes when they were children. In fact, many adult dance students starting taking dance because they couldn't as a child or now have interest in learning to dance that they didn't when they were younger. Our dance classes in Bozeman are designed to welcome brand new adult dancers and teach to all levels of dance experience.

I will be uncoordinated and look like a fool.

Many of the other adult dancers in class will also be beginners and feel this same fear. All dance takes time and practice to learn the moves. You will likely be on the same level of learning as the rest of your class. If you find yourself fighting your thoughts, know that every time you attend a class your body learns, giving yourself the grace to learn is a positive reframe on feeling awkward in class. Muscle memory is a real thing and the more we practice a movement the more our body becomes familiar with the movement. Everyone in class is learning new movement, even seasoned students may be learning something new from the dance instructor whether it be new choreography, style or technique.

I need to get in shape and lose weight before I try a class

Possibly one of the most common blocks students use to not attend a class is telling themselves they are not in shape for class. The truth is a dance class will help you get in shape and lose weight because of the movement. Many other students will likely also be newbies and may be looking for new ways to exercise and get in shape. A well-taught dance class will offer progression and options so that all levels of fitness will be accommodated. Our dance classes help students work through mental blocks and realize that community and all bodies are more important that perfect bodies.

One of the best things a new student can do it get out of your head and into your body. Connecting with yourself and your body is one of the best benefits of our Bozeman adult dance classes. On top of that you get to meet new people, trying something challenging and shake up your life a little bit. We offer beginning adult dance classes weekly. Check out our schedule and come join us!

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