Five Tips for Your First Pole Dancing Class

So you want to learn to pole dance? Well welcome to the dark side it's really fun over here. Pole dancing is a fun and empowering sport that changes people's lives. Most of our instructors and students have inspiring stories about their first pole class in Bozeman and how their lives are different.

Students report mental health benefits including more confidence, improved self esteem and a general sense of empowerment that bleeds into their everyday lives. From a health stand point, pole increasing muscular strength and cardio vascular endurance and encourages weightless with increased muscle mass and cardio exercise. On top of the benefits, its a fun, mind-engaging workout that allows you to meet some of the coolest people in town and create a community.

Here are some recommendations we like to tell new students about before attending a new class at Flying Lion Aerial Fitness.

Wear shorts

We know, it's the middle of winter most of the time in Bozeman and wearing shorts seems like a bad idea. Pole fitness is a sport that requires using your body parts to stick to the pole. Just like other forms of aerial fitness, pole dancers use hands, knee pits, shins, thighs, arms and sometimes side and stomach contact to grip the pole. You will be so happy when you wear shorts and get to enjoy more moves on the pole.

Learning pole will be awkward at first

Learning any new sport can feel foreign and difficult in your body. Most of us will feel uncoordinated, not strong and that class is a strugglebus situation at first. Learning any new movement requires learning muscle memory and teaching our bodies new movement patterns. It's normal to "not get new moves" or feel like your body is uncooperative when learning pole dancing. Even years into pole dancing you can find moves that feel unfamiliar and challenging in your body. It can take years to master pole, there is a reason it's a featured sport in cirque du soliel and is on it's way to qualifying as an Olympic sport.

You do not need to be "in shape" to take pole classes

This is a serious myth that needs to be busted: pole gets in you shape, you do not need to be in shape for pole. The majority of our first-time students are not super "into" fitness and maybe haven't worked out in months. Many students are just looking for a fun workout and want to meet new people. Some students are bored of traditional fitness classes and are looking for something that involves more brain power than running on a treadmill. Our classes are taught with progression and we start new students with basic moves that increase strength. All body types are welcome, there are no weight limits, fit bodies only BS, we have all shapes and sizes at the studio and we celebrate that.

I have to be sexy to pole dance

No one is sexy the first day of pole, no one ever. You will likely be sweaty, huffing and puffing, grunting and so focused on learning you won't care if you look sexy. Fluidity, smooth transitions and sensual movement may come with later classes or you might find yourself only interested in learning pole tricks. We offer trick based classes like Inversions and Tricks and Pole 2 and we also have choreography as a class as well for students who want to learn better transitions and exotic pole movement. And sexy dancing is not just for women, we also have lots of men, non-binary peeps in the pole world and yes they come to the studio here in Bozeman and we love them.

Class will be a fitness based class taught with beginners in mind

In your first class, you will experience a dynamic warm up with moves designed to get muscles ready to work. There may be some conditioning or strength, but most of class will focus on learning new moves and reviewing moves. Instructors might teach combinations and linking of moves or teach a short choreography section of class. Class may include floor work, spins, climbs and some power moves on the pole, but don't worry nothing super hard! Instructors will generally walk around the room and touch base with students, answer questions, demo moves and explain pole technique. In all level one classes you will be barefoot, our choreography classes allow students to try pole with heels as an option.

We hope these quick tips help you make the awesome decision to come try out a pole dancing fitness class with us at our Bozeman studio. You can start with our Saturday Intro to Pole class or our Monday or Wednesday Pole 1 class. See you there and welcome to the dark side!

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