The Benefits of Pole Dancing Fitness Classes

Pole is known as one of the hottest fitness trends in the world and even though the sport has been around fro 20 plus years, it's only now being discovered by the masses. Pole offers new fitness goers, routine exercisers and committed fitness buffs the chance to get involved in a unique sport that comes from the world of dance, aerial arts and gymnastics. Best part is you don't need to be strong, coordinated, in-shape or graceful to attend a pole class, pole class teaches you to be all these things.

Fitness Gains Baby!

Pole fitness combines cardio vascular fitness, muscular strength and flexibility into one action packed workout. Classes will help students progress their strength, increase endurance and get sexy flexy. Pole dancing is an aerial art and requires that students build core and upper body strength. Good classes and instructors will progress students to build strength by conditioning in class.

Increase Confidence

One of the lesser known gains from pole dancing classes in increased confidence. Students report feeling healthier and happier after attending classes. Students talk about feeling "in their body" and feeling proud about their body even after a few classes. Many pole students explain that they are surprised how strong they have gotten and feeling increased self worth in attending classes where they accomplish new tricks each week. Many attendees to pole classes state that meeting new friends and being in a supportive fitness environment improved their self worth.

Improve Mental health

Like other types of fitness, pole offers the same benefits of regular fitness classes. Fitness studies have shown that exercise decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety. Fitness classes improve heart, lung and overall body health, but also improve general mental health. Attending class is also a social workout, students talk, encourage and laugh with each other. Many students report feeling less lonely, connected to a community and part of a tribe as a major benefit to attending class,

If you want to get fit, improve self confidence and mental health plus meet amazing new friends the coming to pole class is for you. We offer pole dancing fitness class in Bozeman at our studio. Try your hand at aerial fitness classes with us!

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