What to expect at an aerial fitness class

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

If you are feeling ready for a new workout and perhaps love in life aerial fitness classes are the best bet. At our Bozeman studio we offer a wide array of fun aerial fitness classes that are perfect for beginners looking for a new sport, dance class or fitness routine. We believe in inclusivity and want all types of bodies to come to class and learn.

There are different types of aerial fitness

At our studio we offer aerial yoga classes and pole dance fitness classes. There are numerous other types of aerial fitness but we specialize in these two classes.

Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing involves, you guessed it, a steel pole that students use in class. In our classes students learn dance choreography and aerial arts tricks designed specifically for pole dancing. Some classes are geared toward tricks and some classes are geared toward choreography and exotic dance.

Aerial Yoga Classes

Aerial yoga is a fusion of flow yoga, such as heath yoga and aerial fitness movement. Classes at our studio have elements of traditional yoga asanas mixed with strength moves and tricks from aerial arts. The goal is to use the yoga hammock to its best potential and increase strength, flexibility and endurance to make us better yogis.

Class has a structure similar to traditional fitness classes

Our classes are based in exercise science and include a dynamic warm-up, work phase and cool-down. Our instructors will guide students through all elements of class and help students prevent injury and progress in each type of aerial fitness in a safe way. Class may include some conditioning and strength work, but will also focus on learning new moves and reviewing moves from aerial arts. Instructors will offer stretching at the end of class to assist students with working on flexibility and cooling down muscles.

What to wear

For aerial yoga classes wearing traditional workout clothing is a great idea. Leggings and pants that give coverage over the back of the knees and upper thighs is helpful for sliding in the hammock fabric. Tanks tops and t-shirts are a good call for any aerial fitness class. For pole fitness, it's a good plan to wear shorts for increased skin contact in order to stick to the pole in aerial arts movement. In beginning classes tanks and t-shirts work best, but when you move up in classes you may find you want even more skin to stick to the pole and may end up with a sports bra or no shirt.

What happens in class

Most aerial fitness classes with be challenging and even awkward at first as your body is not used to this type of movement. At Flying Lion Aerial Fitness our instructors are nationally certified to teach and they all teach with progression and safety in mind. However, they also want to help students get stronger and accomplish harder moves so you will experience a workout in class. You will work on learning how to lift, control and balance your body with your chosen aerial fitness apparatus. We promise it's not scary, we teach with a fun and positive style and we drop all judgment at the door.

How to sign up

Most studios require online sign up to hold spots for popular aerial fitness classes. Don't be surprised in your class fill up over night, many students book out several days in order to guarantee a spot in class. You also will not be sharing your pole or hammock which means small student numbers and lots of chances for one-on-one instruction if that's what you desire in class. If you think aerial fitness classes in Bozeman are your next move sign up online at Schedulicity and see you in the air!

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